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Our firm is part of the disruption in the accounting industry, we are more than expense cutters, auditors, and tax preparers. We go beyond the numbers!
We are Certified Public Accountants who are passionate about helping people think bigger, make bolder financial decisions and develop better financial management skills.
We speak directly to our clients, building within them a basic knowledge of accounting and supporting them along the road to successful business growth and personal finance.

At CS West & Associates we focus on:  
  • Frequent check-Ins and Updates with Clients
  • Local Involvement within the Community
  • Ongoing Client Support and Consultancy in Times of Change
  • ​Cultivating Lasting Relationships
  • ​Client Education
Based in Tampa, FL concentrating on serving the financial needs of small and medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations, attorneys and individuals going through divorce. Offering full spectrum of financial solutions including… 
  • Accounting & Auditing
  • ​Business Consulting & Advisory
  • ​Tax Planning & Preparation
  • ​Pre & Post Divorce Financial Planning
Breaking the current mold of transactional-based accounting, we understand the importance of establishing a real bond with our clients, inspiring trust, stability, and continuing success.
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Cedrick West, CPA
Managing Partner
Cedrick co-founded C. S. West & Associates, PA in 2014 and specialize in Business Consulting and Tax Planning. He utilize his specialized skills to help self employed individuals and businesses grow. 
Sophia West, CPA
Managing Partner
Sophia co-founded C. S. West & Associates, PA in 2014 and specialize in Divorce Financial Planning. She plays an active role helping individuals and
attorneys sort through the financial issues related to divorce.

Services We Provide:
In an industry inundated by the impersonal, we’re here to restore a human touch back into accounting.
Let’s build and grow together.
Divorce Financial Planning
We provide divorce financial services and resources to clarify how settlements can work for an entire family
We take a proactive approach, monitoring your unique financial situation and planning tax minimization strategies that allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.
Auditing & Accounting
We are experts at helping companies just like you quantify the economic impact of customer profitability, product profitability, internal operations.
Business Consulting
We provide a variety of advice and consulting for business start ups, growing and establish businesses. 
Quickbooks Consulting
Having trouble with your quickbooks? We provide a variety of quickbooks services to help your business grow. 
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"Cedrick and his team was awesome, I loved how they educated me on the blind spots of my business. I was in the dark and didn't know where to turn. I initially came for tax services but after educating me, I knew i needed to get my books cleaned prior to taxes. He was patient and understanding of my circumstances in which I love working with him. If you need someone who is competent, knows their stuff, then I highly recommend Cedrick West for the job."
"Our organization needed to get its annual audit completed. The C.S West company  came in, reviewed our files, communicated with us effectively on the questions and  documents needed and answered our many questions. The process was smooth  with early scheduling of interviews and easy access to upload documents to the  portal. The company went above and beyond to complete the audit within the time  that was required by our funders. The meeting with THJCA's Board of Directors to  present the audit was very informative. All members' questions questions received thorough responses. Members have expressed appreciation for the work of this  company and look forward to the company's audit of the organization for the  coming year."

-Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association
"We were very impressed with C.S. West and Associates work. They were  knowledgeable, organized, efficient and reliable. Their work was outstanding! We  would definitely recommend them to everyone we know."

-AKTIV Learning Academy
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