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We take a proactive approach, monitoring your unique financial situation and planning tax minimization strategies that allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

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We know tax is not for everyone! Why stress yourself?

Would you trust an unlicensed doctor to perform surgery? 
What about a non-licensed lawyer?


Then why would you freely hand over your information to an unlicensed professional to have access to your personal information? There's a huge difference between data entry and true tax services. Trust is an important, especially in the world of finances, accounting and taxes. Our clients love and trust our work, our morals and they know we have their best interest in mind. 

If you're looking for ways to reduce your tax liability (legally of course), call us today. 

CSWA's Triple Guarantee

  • Assistance: We are available all year-round to answer any tax questions you may have. Should your income tax return be audited, we will help you prepare for the audit and serve as your advisor (not your legal representative) throughout the audit process. (If you should require or request that we represent you, we will be glad to do so for an additional charge.)
  • Accuracy: Thorough employee training and double-checking of every return safeguards the accuracy of your tax return. However, if we make an error we will correct our error and reimburse you for any penalties and actual interest damages you incur. You will still be responsible for any additional taxes that would have been due had the error not been made.
  • Satisfaction: If you are not pleased with the service you receive in the preparation of your tax return(s) and you choose to neither file them nor allow us to redo them, we will refund your fee in full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prepare returns while I wait?
No. You may be eager to wait until we finalize your taxes however, we have internal checks and balances to ensure the accuracy of your return but as well as additional deductions and credits you may be entitled to. 
What's the onboarding process like?
Our process is simple,
1. Set up a call below via our online calendar
2. We discuss your tax situation and determine a gameplan
3. You will receive a few emails outlining next steps
4. If you are the right fit, then we proceed to the next stage
How can I send my documentation, Email?
We highly recommend you DO NOT send sensitive tax information via email, they can be compromised. To protect your information from potential ID theft, we utilize online portal or dropbox for you to upload and submit your tax documents. 
Do you file extensions?
Extensions are filed with a written request/notification. However, extensions are filed if you contact us withing 15 days of the tax Due Date. for example, mandatory extensions are filed after April 1st. 
How long does it take you to file returns?
it all depends on the complexity of your tax situation; If all documentation are received and no additional questions from us, we strive for a week.  

Reviews from our Clients:

"Cedrick and his team was awesome, I loved how they educated me on the blind spots of my business. I was in the dark and didn't know where to turn. I initially came for tax services but after educating me, I knew i needed to get my books cleaned prior to taxes. He was patient and understanding of my circumstances in which I love working with him. If you need someone who is competent, knows their stuff, then I highly recommend Cedrick West for the job."

-A Proud Client
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